Welcome to the Houston Forensic Science Center (HFSC). HFSC is a local government corporation created to provide independent forensic services to law enforcement agencies, primarily the Houston Police Department, and other judicial entities. We welcome you to explore our forensic services, learn more about the Center, invite employment opportunities or contact us.

The Nine Forensic Disciplines of HFSC

  • Trace

    Trace evidence analysis includes the examination of hairs, fibers and explosives among other physical activities.

  • Forensic Biology

    Screen evidence for biological material and contact DNA; analyze DNA to compare genetic markers and use DNA databases to find profile matches.

  • Controlled Substances

    Identify pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, plants and dangerous drugs.

  • Latent Prints

    Chemically and physically process evidence to develop prints, analyze and compare prints for identification and search automated fingerprint identification systems.

  • Digital Forensics

    Examine, analyze and investigate digital evidence, including data from laptops and smartphones.

  • Firearms

    Examine, analyze and interpret firearms-related evidence.

  • Crime Scene

    Identify, document, collect and interpret crime scene evidence and reconstruct scenes.

  • Forensic Audio/Video

    Examine, analyze and evaluate audio and video evidence to enhance video and attenuate audio.

  • Toxicology

    Analyze biological samples to identify alcohol, drugs and/or toxins.