Amy Castillo, Ph.D.
COO/Vice President

Dr. Amy Castillo, HFSC’s COO and vice president, has been working for HFSC since its establishment in 2014. Previously, she served as HFSC’s director of research and development. In that role, Dr. Castillo’s division worked with all disciplines to identify and apply for new grants while also managing existing grants. The group also oversees, the validation of instruments and methods for multiple disciplines. Prior to HFSC’s establishment, Dr. Castillo worked as a forensic biology criminalist under the HPD Crime Laboratory. She became a supervisor in July 2013, and helped oversee the elimination of Houston’s backlog of untested sexual assault kits. Dr. Castillo holds several patents and is an expert in semen and blood identification, differential extraction, amplification of forensic DNA and other scientific methods related to forensic biology. Dr. Castillo completed her doctoral degree in biochemistry at the University of Houston.